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Testimonials for Our Plating Services

Howie Bernstein
of Sewell Hardware

"Sewell Hardware entered the high-end residential hardware business some 22 years ago. With some 65 years of business under our belt we know a thing or two about picking good partners and identifying the best craftsmen. For us there was no other option but to place our plating needs in the hands of Mark Plating. Time and time again we receive exemplary service and performance, and we look forward to many more years of excellence."

Ingrid Broderick
of Canova & Stone

"We are involved in the construction of very prestigious, high end projects all over the United States, many of which have unique plating requirements for the custom hardware and architectural metalwork.

Over the years we have needed to work with various plating companies, depending on the location of our projects and we always seemed to end up disappointed in one way or another; probably because we were expecting the same exceptional service that we are accustomed to from Mark Plating. Well, lessons learned! We now almost exclusively use Mark Plating for all of our plating needs and have even found that we can save some of our out-of-State customers time, money and headache by having Mark Plating perform their work.

Mark Plating has completed about 200 projects for us in the past 14 years. Their pricing is extremely competitive and they always deliver on or before the promised date; even when we have set unrealistic deadlines.

We have had zero comebacks or complaints from our customers about the quality or durability of their plating, so we know that their workmanship is withstanding the test of time.

Mark Plating always goes above and beyond.
Thanks Kevin and Kristi for making us look like the superheroes!"