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Stainless Steel Burnishing

Stainless Steel Burnishing in West Palm Beach, FL

Dust, dirt, grime and discoloration can detract from the appearance of your stainless steel items. When your stainless steel tools or housewares have lost their brightness and polishing them is not doing the trick, stainless steel burnishing can help transform them back into looking brand new.

What is Stainless Steel Burnishing?

Stainless steel burnishing is basically a rolling, cold working process that smooths nicks, fades discoloration and polishes the metal to its original condition. The process of burnishing does not remove metal, but rather compress it, which generates a dense and uniform surface.

How is it Done?

There are several forms of burnishing, however, the two most common forms are roller and ball burnishing. In both cases, a burnishing tool runs against the material and deforms its surface. The deformations caused will depend on the force pressing against the original material. If the force is small, when the burnishing tool is released, the material will return to its original shape. With burnishing, the process often involves softer metals that can bounce back to their original shape looking smoother and brighter.

In ball burnishing, the tool consists of one or more over-sized balls that are pushed through a hole and onto the original material. Through the force expended by the balls and onto the material, the tool create a new finish. Roller burnishing involves the use rollers that are fixed so they slide against the material rather than rolling on the material. Roller burnishing is actually considered a faster, cleaner, more effective and more economical method for finishing wares.

Advantages of Burnishing

Along with restoring your household goods, there are several other advantages to burnishing that can help protect your stainless steel items.

Some advantages to stainless steel burnishing include:

  • Improves surface irregularities
  • Prevents corrosion
  • Increases surface hardness
  • Increases steel’s resistance to fatigue and failure
  • Produces a more uniform surface

How We Can Help

As a multigenerational family business, Mark Plating has been offering their services for more than three decades. We offer stainless steel burnishing for anything, from a large piece to a small accent. Our mission is to help turn your old, tarnished items back into beautiful valuables.