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Gold Finish

Gold Finishes in West Palm Beach, FL

The unique physical properties and lasting beauty of gold have made it one of man’s favorite materials. It has been a symbol of wealth, eternity, love, life, and more since the beginning of recorded history. This popularity was well-founded as we now know that gold has physical qualities that make it a desired medium.

At Mark Plating we renew and restore gold-plated items, bringing them back to their original luster.

Gold Finishing Types

We offer the following gold finishes:

  • Brushed – a matte finish with faintly visible brush strokes, used on cabinets knobs and pulls, doorknobs, and more

  • Satin – a smooth, non-reflective finish without visible backstrokes, used on cabinets and doorknobs

  • Polished Gold – a reflective, mirror-like, metallic finish ideal for a variety of cabinetry styles

  • European – a cool, light gold finish, used for cabinet fixtures and more

  • Aged – a finish that is darkened and tarnished to appear as if it has stood the test of time, used to give pieces a vintage look

  • Hard gold – gold combined with nickel or cobalt to increase hardness, used for applications where some sliding wear could occur

  • Soft gold – very little grain refiners or additives to increase hardness, used in application where no wear occurs

Performance Advantages of Gold Finishing

Gold finishing has two main advantages. As one of the most active elements, oxygen can cause corrosion on many metals. Gold is the most non-reactive metal, is impervious to heat and moisture, and does not oxidize. This means that gold will not rust when exposed to natural elements and will show minimal wear.

Gold’s durability can also be enhanced when placed over some metals. Because gold is malleable, it is easy to create a thin layer (electroplating) over base metals such as nickel and create a stronger, more durable surface.

Applications for Gold Finishing

Common items that are gold plated or finished include jewelry, cutlery cabinetry hardware, marine hardware, and more. Industries with applications for gold finishing include:c

  • Jewelry

  • Home furnishings

  • Automotive

  • Marine

  • Electronics

  • Electrical Contacts

  • Firearms (FFL)

  • Machine parts

  • Medical

  • Military

  • Musical Instruments

  • and much more

Applications and Industries

Brass finishes are used in homes for plumbing fittings, lighting fixtures, fireplace equipment, fine hardware, candle holders, and many other decorative and practical accessories. Industry items include sprockets, gears, and bearing housings.

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