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Brass Finish

Brass Finish in  Palm Beach, FL

Since brass is a reactive metal that quickly oxidizes, a brass finish is applied to brass pieces as a protective coating. Oxidation causes metals to tarnish or rust, so adding this layer of brass finish right after buffing protects against corrosion. Waiting even a few days can cause oxidation of your brass pieces. There are two main categories of brass finish: shiny or antique. The one you choose depends on how you want your brass fittings to look and your decorating style.

Types of Brass Finishes

Mark Plating provides the brass finishes listed below:

  • Aged – warm, copper tones with a darker, aged exterior provides elegance and sophistication

  • Satin – brushed gold color for understated style

  • Polished – a protective lacquer coating prevents tarnish and lets the brass color shine through

  • Weathered – a mellow finish with a warm soft tone

  • Burnished – bright, reflective gold sheen that has vintage appeal

  • Distressed – this finish is full of character and gives each piece a unique look

  • Antique – medium brown with gold undertones ideal if your style is traditional

  • Unlacquered – without a finish, unlacquered brass will change over time and develop a patina

Brass Finish Process

Because we do all of our brass finishing, we can control the process from beginning to end, ensuring the result not only meets your specifications, but exceeds your expectations. Before any chemical finishing can begin, the piece must be free of oxides, oils, buffing components, soldering flux, mold release compounds, fingerprints or other materials left over from the fabrication of the item or due to wear and tear. Then, depending on the finish desired, an antiquing solution is applied, and the piece is buffed, polished, and a protective top coat is applied.

Benefits of Brass Finishes

Brass finishes are and provide many benefits such as the ability to refresh the finish, the natural beauty of the aging and patina process, and the antimicrobial properties of brass finishes. Below are some additional benefits of brass finishes: 

  • Easy to clean

  • Adds accent colors

  • Enhances durability

  • Easy to color match for replacement or refurbishing

Applications and Industries

Brass finishes are used in homes for plumbing fittings, lighting fixtures, fireplace equipment, fine hardware, candle holders, and many other decorative and practical accessories. Industry items include sprockets, gears, and bearing housings.

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