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Electroplating Services

Expert Electroplating Services in West Palm Beach, FL

If you have tarnished hardware or damaged chrome, don’t throw those pieces away. We specialize in metal electroplating to restore tarnished metal finishes back to their original condition or match it to any finish you desire. We are a multigenerational family business dedicated to providing the best electroplating service to West Palm Beach and the surrounding area.

What Is Electroplating?

Electroplating is the process of using electrical current and chemical solutions to adhere a layer of a desirable metal such as silver or gold onto a relatively mundane material such as copper, tin, or even plastic. The process can be for decorative or functional purposes. In addition to making the base material look different, this process is also used to make items rust- and corrosion-resistant.

How Electroplating Works

The electroplating process entails passing an electric current through a solution (electrolyte) in a plating tank. Two terminals (electrodes) are submerged in the electrolyte and connected to a circuit attached to a power supply. One of the electrodes is composed of the metal being plated and a salt of the same metal is dissolved into the electrolyte solution.

The electrodes are connected into a circuit so that one becomes an anode and the other becomes a cathode. When electricity is applied, positively charged ions are attracted to the negatively charged electrode and deposit a thin layer of the desired metal onto the base materials. When electricity is applied, the electrolyte solution splits up and deposits metal atoms in a thin layer on the materials attached to the electrodes and it becomes electroplated.

Types of Metals for Electroplating

The electroplating process adds outer coatings of copper, nickel, chromium, gold or silver to either improve the appearance or inhibit corrosion of the base metal.

Benefits of Electroplating

  • Enhances electrical conductivity in mass produced pieces
  • Increases heat resistance for engine parts 
  • Reduces friction between pieces
  • Prevents corrosion and rust on steel and other metals

Electroplating Applications & Industries 

Chrome electroplated coatings are often used in the automobile industry on bumpers, tire rims, and grills. It is also used on plastic to keep parts lightweight and sturdy. Many industries use electroplating to keep corrosion at bay. Tin plating, nickel plating, and their alloys are used to protect housings, brackets, nuts and bolts as well as other metal components and parts used in automobiles and planes.

Items that can be electroplated include jewelry can be gold or silver plated, many household items such as knives and cooking utensils, as well as fixtures on sailboats and yachts. The electroplating process is used on these items to add the finishes desired either for function or decoration.