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Chrome Plating

Chrome Plating in West Palm Beach, FL

Chrome plating can be applied to base materials such as steel, aluminum, copper alloys and zinc alloys, and even plastic. The finished chrome plated piece has a brilliant mirror finish that is beautiful, practical, and functional.

What is Chrome Plating?

Chrome plating is a technique for electroplating a layer of chromium onto metal or plastic. It is a process that has many steps that can differ depending on the base metal or material. This thin layer of chromium provides corrosion resistance, can be decorative, increases surface, or make cleaning easier.

How Is It Done?

The electroplating process begins by dissolving a metal in a solution and running an electric current through the solution. This removes dissolved metal ions from the solution and adheres them to the item being plated. The item being plated is attached to a copper rack or hook and suspended in the plating tanks. Plating tanks can vary in size and can hold anywhere from 1,200 gallons up to 3,225 gallons. They contain varying amounts of bases, acids, metals, water, and organic chemicals. Anodes are used to pass an electric current through these various solutions and deposit metal on the part being plated.
An item being chrome plated will usually go through different stages during the plating process

  1. Degreasing
  2. Cleaning to remove surface impurities
  3. Pretreatments depending on the material being plated
  4.  Immersion into the plating vat in preparation for application of current
  5. Plating current applied for the time required to attain the thickness desired

This process can vary depending on the material being plated.

Chrome Electroplating

Electroplating refers to the process used to adhere chromium to an item. Chrome plating is also called chrome electroplating, they are the same process. Chrome plating is also sometimes called chromium plating.

What Can We Plate in Chrome?

Chrome plating can be done for decorative purposes or also to protect parts from corrosion and friction wear and tear. It is used in automotive and furniture trim, industrial wire shelving, boat fixtures, tools, kitchen utensils, and more.
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