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Custom Metal Plating and Polishing in South Florida

We are one of the only West Palm Beach custom plating companies that offers finishes beyond the standard metal surface finishes. Our metal plating experts specialize in customized plating, chroming and re-chroming. When you provide a metal sample, either with a swatch or another metal item as an example, we have the ability to match that nonstandard metal finish. We pride ourselves on our knowledge and ability to recreate some of the most unique metal finishes with perfection.

We have additional experience plating the latest unique finishes created by PE Guerin™, Rocky Mountain™, Sherle Wagner™ and Kohler™. We can transform any item to match these hard-to-find special finish lines so there’s no need to hesitate installing that fixture you love. We can match all the pieces in your home to tie together and unite your homes' hardware. Or let Mark Plating custom finish your cabinet fixtures, to really tie your upgraded kitchen or bathroom together.

Our services are available for plumbing, hardware, household goods, automotive parts, decorative pieces and much more.

Our Metal FinishingTeam

Owner Kevin Hendrickson works closely with cabinetry specialists and metal fabricators, creating one-of-a-kind finishes in the industry. He enjoys the creativity of our customers and loves the reaction from clients when they see their final custom finished piece, indistinguishable from the sample.

Kevin has been in the plating industry for over 25 years and his experience in the artistry of custom plating is unparalleled. He has created a unique process that is unparalleled by competitors. Kevin and the rest of the professionals at Mark Plating are dedicated to providing customers with top-notch service that exceeds their expectations.

If you have any questions our about our custom plating services, chroming, re-chroming or metal plating services, contact us at 561-655-4370.


This nonstandard, specialized bronze finish is an example of our unique matching process.