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  • mark plating metal finishing and restoration
  • mark plating metal finishing and restoration
  • mark plating metal finishing and restoration

Metal Plating & Finishing in South Florida


Mark Plating excels in the restoration and refinishing of hardware, plumbing, auto and boat parts as well as decorative household items. Located in South Florida,our customers span from Palm Beach, Dade, Broward and Martin Counties to the national level, ranging from New York to California. We specialize in custom matching any plated finish offered in the industry including chrome, nickel, brass,copper, silver, pewter, bronze and gold.

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How Metal Plating Works

The process of metal refinishing combines technological and artistic ability along with very intensive labor. The process involves removal of the existing finish, lacquer, rust and corrosion down to the bare metal. Polishing is one part of the preparation process in which we remove pits and imperfections within our ability before the actual metal plating. Layering of different metals is required to get the final finish. For example, chrome plating requires copper, nickel then chrome plating with polishing and sanding in between the copper and nickel phase. In the final steps we buff, oxidize, and apply protective coatings depending on the finish.

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